Today I would love to talk about something completely different than fashion or crafting, I want to talk about minimalism.


Back when I was a child my mum and I didn’t have a lot of money but I kept every little thing I could find, even old wax from candles, no kidding – I thought it could be fun to play with.

One day my mum and I tidied my room and it was a very good feeling to throw all this stuff away but honestly, it didn’t get any better - I started to collect again: clothes, decoration, shoes, things and stuff for years.


About two years ago I started to regularly clear out my treasures because I started to feel cramped between all my things - things I actually didn't need – things I didn’t even know that I had them. It was so relieving to own less and less things and that’s the reason why I decided to go full minimalism now!


The only point where I ran into problems was when I had to throw away little presents I got from friends or family – you know, those cute little souveniers from holidays, that you actually don’t have a use for nor are you emotionally attached to them but there is something in your heart that says 'you can’t give it away, it’s a present from someone close'. That’s why I decided to explain to the people who gave me those little "trinkets" why I would give them away and they were good with it, they saw the reasons why I didn't want to hold on to any of it. It’s a good thing to have the best friends!


Now I’m on day 8 of my challenge and I already made some huge progress and I can’t wait for when it’s day 30 and I'll write a review for you guys! And for those who are interested to go minimalism as well I made this 30 Day Minimalism Checklist (see below).


And for those who aren't interested in it: I'm selling all my old stuff on my Depop account. If you don’t want to make a Depop account just to buy my things but are still interested in what I have for sale, please feel free to write me an e-mail on info@ninaluca.ch and we can discuss this more detailed!


Thank you for stopping by on this blog post! I wish you a good day :-)

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