"Where do you get your inspiration from?" the question I get asked the most and which I've never been able to answer. So I decided to seriously think about it and find out - finally able to answer that question


I also found out that there are different ways for me to get inspired and I think that was the reason why I never had an easy answer. It all depends on what topic we're talking about, what "genre" - is it fashion, cosplay, crafting, bullet journaling or interior design.


I'll start with the easiest ones: bullet journaling, crafting and interior design:

my inspiration for those I get on Pinterest - I truly love this page and I could spend hours looking for new inspiration. Even if it's a very easy and common way, it is a successful one!


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Cosplay, for me, is a way to forget about our world and allowing me to completely dive into another one, a better one! I prefer to create my own characters, not a specific character from a game, a comic or a movie. I try to create myself in a different universe, which is another way for me to get inspiration: I get lost in my daydreams and build my own world in my mind and think about what I'd look like, what my story would be, who I'd be in this place? And with the time I get the character I'm looking for.

Even then I go through some beautiful photos and artworks on Pinterest to look for detail ideas and extras I didn't think about or might otherwise forget!

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Fashion - since I was a child I've had a big passion for fashion (that rhyme! :-D ) and when I was about 10 years old I wanted to be a seamstress and this dream never changed, so I became one!

In all those years I learned a lot about fashion history, read a lot of fashion magazines and scrolled through the whole damn Pinterest but I always get the best ideas when I get dressed and trying out some outfits just to find I'm missing something and then usually I think: "oh a piece like this would rock this outfit!" and BAM I got a new idea. It's simple as that.


I want to be honest with you...

There is the one and only way to find inspiration for me - I get most of my ideas after a shower when I warm myself up with the hairdryer while sittig on the toilet lid. True story!


I hope I could give you some useful insight and I thank you for stopping by on this post. It was a great write about it for you and now I wish you all an amazing weekend!



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