If I would be seated on the chair in the great hall, the Sorting Hat would put me obviously into Slytherin. But this didn't happen (yet), so I became a very proud cat mum instead. Wearing black clothes day by day is a matter of course and I could eat nothing else but sushi for the rest of my life. When I see a cat, an alpaca, a goat or a bumblebee my voice raises up to a inaudible high pitch within milliseconds. I have silent fangirl-moments when I hear, see or read things like Middle Earth, Tamriel or Quidditch. Sewing is a never endig love of mine, so I became a professional seamstress. This was nearly a decade ago but ever since one cannot make a living out of it these days, I'm currently nourishing my education in a different way by studying conservation of art and culture heritage.

As you may already guessed, another passion of mine is photography (ah, mild shock!). I'm still learning how to push the buttons right, but every now and then a good photo appears in the camera, and I'm happy to share those good ones with you all here as well as on my social media account.

Thank you!


please note, that every dead animal in my photos is ethically sourced and every plant was planted back after the photo -