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hello traveler!

welcome to the booking interface_

I am your virtual assistant Lio, designed to guide you through the process of booking a photo quest with Nina Luca_


your standard quest is the 'base' package, offering a 60 to 90 minutes shooting session and a loot of 6 edited photos for a total of CHF 189_


If you want to level up your quest, visit the 'build' section_ there, you can add special features to customize your quest_ the only thing you need to decide beforehand is the number of people participating_ all other add-ons can be added after the shoot, or skip them if you're happy with the standard quest_

LVL 1/42


60-90 minutes

6 photos

1 person

Gold Coin.H10.2k.png



all add-ons can be multiplied individually_



HD skin







previous travelers_

hello traveler, it's me again, Lio_

I prepared a hall of fame for you_ here you find previous travelers who joined the quest by Nina Luca_ when you click on the pictures you will find further informations_ not only about the wonderful creatures in it, but also more details about their quests_


this is the booking section_ here, you can fill out the boxes and join the quest_ after you send your request, Nina will get in touch with you within 48 hours with further information_

If you have more questions before then, I have prepared a FAQ for you!

Due to technical issues, the available shooting dates for the upcoming months are split between two different calendars_ please choose accordingly_ I'm currently working on a better solution_ thank you for your understanding!


frequently asked questions_

the first question you may have is: 'what happens after I book my quest?'

that's a good question, traveler, and that's why I created this overview for you_


get in touch

after Nina receives your request, she will check if your chosen dates are available_

within 48 hours, she will contact you to confirm or offer alternative date options_



together, you will plan the shoot—it's a wonderful part of the process!

you'll discuss your preferred mood, location, outfit or cosplay ideas, posing concepts, etc_ if needed, she even creates a moodboard to visualize your ideas_



when you arrive at the location, you'll warm up, get to know each other, and have a chat_ 

this is an important step to achieve authentic results! during the shoot, you'll listen to music, have fun, enjoy some snacks, and experiment without pressure_



after the shoot, you'll receive a private online gallery where you can view and choose your favorite photos_

this is also a good time to consider any add-ons you might want, like more edited photos or special edits like HD skin retouching_

  • I'm not a cosplayer, can I book a shooting anway?
    yes, absolutely! everyone with a love for dark moods, sci-fi, witches, fairies, vampires, merfolk, animes, etc. is welcome 🌙
  • do I need experience in front of the camera?
    No! Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, Nina's aim is to create a safe and joyful space where you can freely express yourself or embody your favorite characters_
  • do I need to bring my own outfit or cosplay?
    It depends! planning is key to your quest_ you'll exchange ideas with Nina and gather props beforehand to ensure your together journey yields magical results ✨
  • can I edit the photos by myself?
    photos are precious works of art protected by copyright guardians_ therefore, editing them on your own is not allowed_ but don't worry! If you want changes or refinements, just let me know, and Nina will do her best to make them happen_ as a bonus, the first round of alterations is a gift!
  • what is included in an edited photo?
    an edited photo gets a gentle touch, smoothing the skin and refining backgrounds, aswell as light and color adjustments_ however, for those seeking an extra sparkle, like my characteristic HD skin retouching or a magical photo manipulation, these enchantments await as optional extras_ you can add them in advance or afterwards as an instant spell_
  • build details and calculation example
    C A L C U L A T I O N E X A M P L E base shooting package: CHF 125.00 extra person CHF 30.00 extra 3 edited photos: CHF 60.00 (CHF 20.00 each) 1 HD retouching: CHF 49.00 Total: CHF 264.00 A D D - O N S O V E R V I E W all add-ons can be individually multiplied_ Photo_ Additional edited photo beyond the 9 base photos_ Manipulation_ Adding manipulation to one photo. Prices start at CHF 125.00 and may vary depending on the complexity of the manipulation_ Manipulations can include background changes, adding props, altering the color of props/eyes/hair, adding digital elements like ears, etc_ All manipulations will be discussed in advance_ HD Skin Retouching_ Applying my characteristic retouching style to one photo_ Person_ If you want to shoot together (e.g., a group cosplay), you don't need to book individual sessions_ It's a flat rate for each additional person_
  • who is this magnificent character on the photo above?
    That's my dear friend @naginicosplay 🐍 Make sure to check out her breathtaking work!

Thank you for being here! See you soon_

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